Noh "Hagoromo-wagonomai" - You will fully enjoy the world of Noh with Japanese and English commentary caption. (Noh, Kabuki and Historical Drama That You Enjoy in a Cinema)

11 Oct 2019 - 17 Oct 2019
TOHO Cinemas Hibiya

美・能「羽衣 和合之舞」4Kシネマ-字幕解説付きの世界を堪能(映画館で楽しむ能楽・歌舞伎・時代劇)

A Noh masterpiece "Hagoromo": The director, Tamasaburo Bando, insists on the stage setting and perform the play to record 4K special movie. Even those who have never watched Noh before can fully enjoy the beauty of Noh as well as they can easily understand the story with contemporary Japanese and English captions. At the beginning, we will show subtitled video explaining the history of "Noh" and "Hagoromo," so you can enjoy Japanese traditional culture effortlessly. The work is being shown for the first time at a movie theater.

Director: Tamasaburo Bando
Characters and Performers
Angel (shite): Kiyokazu Kanze 26th Kanze school head family
Hakuryu, fisherman (waki): Tsuneyoshi Mori
Fisherman (waki-tsure): Tsunetaro Mori
Koken (stage assistant): Shiro Nomura, Takayuki Kizuki, Sakae Terai
[Hayashi musicians] Flute player: RokurobyoueFujita/Shoulder drum player: Genjiro Ōkura/
Hip drum player: Tadao Kamei/Stick-drum player: Sashichi Kotera/
[Jiutai Chorus] Minoru Umewaka, Hirojiro Sumi, Munekazu Takeda, Hisahiro Oka, Kimitake Ueda, Kōjiro Sumi, Yoshinari Shimizu, Takanobu Sakaguchi

[Synopsis] One spring morning, Hakuryu, a fisherman living in Miho no Matsubara finds a beautiful robe--hagoromo--hanging on pine branches while going fishing with his companions. Just when Hakuryo attempts to take the robe as heirloom, a celestial maiden appears and begs to return the garb. Hakuryu, who at first rejected her plea and unwilling to return the robe, is moved at the sight of maiden in tears who says, "I cannot go back to heaven without it." He decides to return the garb in exchange for her dance. After the celestial maiden wears the robe, she portrays lunar world such as moon palace through dance; she keeps on dancing, glorifying the splendor of Miho no Matsubara in spring; she then soars above Mt. Fuji faraway and finally disappears, enveloped in the mist.


October 11th - 17th, starts at 10:00am


1,500 yen (incl. tax)
* Note on purchasing
Theatre counter sales and Internet ticket sales "vit ®" are available from 2 days before the desired viewing date.

TOHO Cinemas Hibiya

Recorded at: Kanze Noh Theater (January 30th, 2019)
Produced by: HoriPro Inc., HyogoBenderEngineering Co., Ltd, PONY CANYON INC.
Modern translation by: Nozomu Hayashi
Supervised by: Keiichiro Tsuchiya
* Shown with English / Japanese subtitles

[Collaborative Project]

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TOHO Cinemas Hibiya
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