Broadway Musical "West Side Story"

IHI Stage Around Tokyo, a special theater where huge movable screens and stages surround the seats rotating 360 °. In the set built around 360 °, the story progresses without waiting for a set conversion by slowly rotating the audience seat according to the development of the story. In addition to this device, you can experience "Immersion" which you cannot taste anywhere else by blending all the video, lighting and sound. The performance of the Broadway musical "West Side Story" in Japan will be performed at only this theater in Japan!
It became a topic of conversation by director Steven Spielberg doing a remake, and it is the hot work that is getting the most attention now. Of course, this is the world's first Broadway musical to be performed at the Stage Around Theater. The best contemporary creators gather and deliver in a cast selected by audition.
"West Side Story", which anyone has never seen before, will be born. Please see at the theater!

The stage is West Side of Manhattan in 1950, New York. The story of an era in which the East Side was a high-class residential area across Central Park and many immigrants lived on the West Side.
New York in the 1950s was the time when many immigrants from all over the world gathered in search of dreams and wealth. The first was Caucasian immigrants who came from Europe, and later Hispanic immigrants from the Caribbean. They create groups each and antagonize each other. But Tony, a European immigrant, and Maria, a Hispanic immigrant, meet by chance and fall in fierce love. Forbidden love involves many people and creates a chain of tragedy...
Works inspired by Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet". It is a work that struggles in love to survive in the world of prejudice and violence, says Arthur Lorenz, scriptwriter for this opera.

*Live performance / English performance / Japanese subtitles available


Draft: Jerome Robbins / Script: Arthur Lorenz / music: Leonard Bernstein / Lyrics: Steven Sonheim / Performance at premiere & choreography: Jerome Robbins


All seats reserved: 15,000 yen (Tax included)


About purchasing tickets in Japan


Pre-school children are not allowed to enter.
One ticket is required per person.
If you are visiting by wheelchair, please contact us by the day before the performance, after purchasing tickets. The accompanying person also needs a ticket.
[Contact: Stage Around dedicated dial 0570-084-617 (10 o'clock - 20 o'clock)]
No resale of tickets for commercial purposes.
*Due to unavoidable circumstances, there may be a change in the Performers.

6-4-25 Toyosu, Koto-ku. Tokyo, 135-0061

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