Musical "Phantom"

A single ray of light and hope, shining deep underneath the opera house to where Eric resides in darkness
Her songs lead a man, once called the Phantom of the Opera, back into the world of light.
Sad yet beautiful, like the love from a mother... a story of a man, and the phantom.

For this new production, the reins have been handed to Yu Shirota, with the blessings from composer Maury Yeston himself. For the first time, Yu Shirota will be challenging himself in the role as both the phantom and director.
In addition, Kazuki Kato will play the dual role of the phantom as well. The delicate duality as both the Phantom and the innocent humanity of Eric will be performed by the dual lead cast of these two widely-talked about performers, both of whom have played lead roles in many works over the years. The heroine Christine will be played by the dual cast of Reika Manaki, whose performance is not to be missed after her time as a major player at the Takarazuka Revue's Moon Team, and Haruka Kinoshita, making breakthrough leading performances in major musicals with her outstanding singing ability.
Yusuke Hirose and Tatsuya Kimura, both active in the musical world, will serve in the dual role of Count Shandon, a love rival to the Phantom. The powerful singer Eliana will play the role of Prima Donna Carlotta of the Opera House, and Masahiro Ehara, a famously eccentric comedian, will play her husband Cholet. For the role of Ledoux, the inspector who is after the mystery of the Phantom is You Kamio, famous for his strong acting in his first-ever role in a musical. In addition, Koki Okada, who is popular in a wide range of activities including on stage, in film and in TV dramas, will play the key role in the story as Gérard Carrière, the manager of the opera house.

We have gathered a unique and tremendous cast with great personalities and skills. Please expect nothing short of the creation of an entirely new Phantom!


9 November,2019 - 1 December,2019


Phantom (Eric): Kazuki Kato (dual cast), Yu Shirota (dual cast)
Christine Daaé: Reika Manaki (dual cast), Haruka Kinoshita (dual cast)
Count Philippe de Chandon: Yusuke Hirose (dual cast), Tatsuya Kimura (dual cast)
Carlotta: Ellianna
Alain Cholet: Masahiro Ehara
Inspector Ledoux: You Kamio
Gérard Carrière: Koki Okada


Script: Arthur Kopit / Lyrics and Composition: Maury Yeston / Based on: Gaston Leroux ("Phantom of the Opera") / Director: Yū Shirota


S Seating: \13,500
A Seating: \9,000 yen
(All seats reserved, tax included)



About purchasing tickets in Japan

TBS Akasaka ACT Theatre

Preschool children are not permitted entry
Changes to another day or refund are not permitted, even after a change in performers.

5-3-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107‐8006

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