Musical "Big Fish"

Edward Bloom (Jay Kabira) has long been talented at speaking about his own exaggerated experiences and attracting people who listen to them.

At his deathbed, Edward speaks to his son Will (Kenji Urai) about how and when he is to die, the stories he heard from the witch (JKim) along with his childhood friends Don Price (Takashi Fujii) and Zacky Price (Mitsuaki Higashiyama), about his friendship with the the Giant named Karl (Motoki Fukami), the tales of encountering a mermaid (Yuka Kobayashi) in the mist, and about meeting with his wife and love of his life Sandra (Hiromu Kiriya) at the circus where he was employed by Emos (ROLLY) the ringmaster.

Although Will enjoyed his father's wild and fantastic tales when he was young, as he grew older he began feeling that those were only fictional, and soon distanced himself from listening to his father's stories. And through happenstance, the rift between father and son becomes definitive.

But when Will learns from his mother Sandra that his father had fallen ill, he returns home with his pregnant wife Josephine (Nene Yumesaki) to his parent's home.

But even at his deathbed, Edward continues his tales of adventures. Wills, struggling to understand the true nature of his father, finds a registry of the names of places that his father had previously told about in his stories, sets out and meets a woman named Jenny Hill (Ranran Suzuki).

And this is here where Will learns of what his father truly wanted to tell.


1 November, 2019-28 Npvember, 2019


Edward Bloom: Jay Kabira
Will Bloom: Kenji Urai
Sandra Bloom: Hiromu Kiriya
Josephine Bloom: Nene Yumesaki
Takashi Fujii / JKim / Motoki Fukami / Teru Sada (double-cast) / Seigo Sato (double cast) / Mitsuaki Higashiyama / Yuka Kobayashi / Ranran Suzuki / ROLLY


Screenplay: John August / Music and Lyrics: Andrew Lippa / Director: Akira Shirai


All Seats Reserved: 12,000 yen (w/ tax)



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