Takarazuka revue Performance by Moon group Grand stage 'Yume utsutu muso: From Eiji Yoshikawa's original work, "Miyamoto Musashi"' / Review Exotica "Krung Tape City of Angels"

Grand Stage
'Yume utsutsu muso: From Eiji Yoshikawa's original, "Miyamoto Musashi"'
Script and presentation / Yoshimasa Saito

Based on Eiji Yoshikawa's best-selling novel, he dramatically makes the life of a swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto, who was the founder of Nito-ryu, "Niten-ichi-ryu", as well as his life boasting Muso swordsmanship, with Otsu's attached love to him.
When the reign of the Tokugawa family who won the Sekigahara war began -. Shinmen Musashi with an extraordinary courage lived in his hometown of Miyamoto village in Sakusyu, became a violent person who defeated the enemy facing. However, Musashi who repented his thoughtless acts after receiving teachings from a traveler priest, Takuan Ocho changed his name to Musashi Miyamoto and to brash up his sward skills, he start traveling for training his mind and body. Although Musashi encounters various people while training swordsmanship under full of suffering and grow, the love with his childhood friend repeatedly does not meet on and on, even they love each other... Meanwhile, a similar genius swordsman who was able to make his name widely known to the world revealed the subject of people around the same time. His name was Kojiro Sasaki. Musashi and Kojiro were met by a deep fate. In which way its unavoidable fate went to...?
In addition, this performance will be a premiere of the grand theater of a new top combination of RyoTamaki and Sakura Misono.

Review and Exotica
"Krung Tape City of Angels"
Production / Presentation / Daisuke Fujii

Thailand, surrounded by mysterious and oriental atmosphere. The capital is called "Krung Tape (City of Angels)" by Thai people. We will introduce you an exotic review that brings out a new charm of the Moon team centering on Ryo Tamaki on the stage in a southern paradise in the blue sea and colorful flowers.


From 3rd May (Friday and Holiday) to 9th June (Sun) 2019


Ryo Tamaki/ Sakura Misono / Rurika Miya/ and others


SS seat: 12,000 yen
S seat: 8,800 yen
A seat: 5,500 yen
B seat: 3,500 yen
(All seats reserved and tax included)


e+(イープラス) ローソンチケット

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1-1-3 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006


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