The original work is the musical "Modern Millie" released on 1967. The movie, in which Julie Andrews played Modern Girl Millie, was well received and highly acclaimed, was made into a stage in 2000 when it had been 30 years after its release. The Broadway version of the musical, which was almost completely redesigned and produced, was a high-quality musical decorated with songs and dances, and was a big hit, winning five categories including the Tony Award for Best Musical.

With New York in the 1920s as the stage, there is no doubt that the heroin, Millie, who devotes herself to work and love, will give us the courage to start her life on her own feet and the energy for tomorrow!

It is the happiest musical of the gorgeous cast competition to give you a new step in the spring of 2020!

New York in the 1920s. Having left the countryside longing for modern girls based on the motto of "Reason is more important than romance!" Millie enjoys her new life by becoming friends with Dorothy, who she met at her boarding house, and with Jimmy, who repeats chance meeting; approaching the president of a company, Graydon, who Millie got a job after aiming for getting married to a rich person; and attending parties of the world-famous singer Muzzy.

Then Dorothy went missing! When Millie found out that her landlady, Mrs. Meers, was kidnapping women who had no relatives in her boarding house, she and her friends decided to rescue Dorothy! What's Millie's fate? And the most important thing that Millie found --.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - Sunday, April 26, 2020


Millie Dillmount: Manato Asaka/Jimmy Smith: Masataka Nakagauchi/Miss Dorothy Brown: Rion Misaki/Trevor Graydon: Tomosuke Hirose/Muzzy Van Hossmere: Chizu Hosaka/Mrs. Meers: Maki Ichiro/Miss Flannary : Kanako Irie/Bun Foo: Yasunori Abe/Ching Ho: Kento Ono/Shinji Senda/Daisuke Togin/Junya Narahara/Yusuke Horibe /Taisuke Maruyama/ Rintaro/ Yuka Kobayashi/ Aya Shimada/ Chika Takahashi/ Momoka Nakamura/ Marina Hanaoka/ Harumi Yoshida


Screenplay: Richard Morris, Dick Scanlan, New Music: Jeanine Tesori, New Lyrics: Dick Scanlan, Original Story, Universal Pictures Screenplay by the same name: Richard Morris, Directed, and translated by: Kaori Kobayashi, Translated lyrics by: Machiko Ryū


Reserved seat: 11,500 yen (Tax included)



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※It is prohibited to transfer for a fee without the consent of the sponsor.
This performance is sold after confirming the name and contact information of the purchaser.
※Please understand about the performers and schedule changes. Even if the performer changes, we cannot change or refund to another day.
※Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
※For the sake of safety management, we do not accept the delivery of standing flowers.

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