Musical : Little Women

'Little Women - Wakakusa Monogatari -' premiered in 2005 at Broadway as a musical.
Based on the world famous novel 'Little Women' and its sequel 'Little Women Married', we will draw a story of the four sisters and their mother who will find joy in their humble life, and the people who surround them with beautiful musical numbers.

In an era when women were rarely working with their profession, Jo struggled to try to paddle into the world aiming for a novelist, and to grab a dream. The figure gives us courage to live in the cramped modern age, and the bond with the family surrounding her will make us feel the importance of familiar people.

1865. Jo, who lodged at Mrs. Kirk's residence in New York, had been dropping her shoulders by reading letters from publishers.
She received the 22nd publication rejection of the novel he brought himself.
Professor Bhaer, another boardsman, encourages Jo to "There is always someone who likes your novel" Time goes back and Massachusetts two years before. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy's four sisters were humble but bright, while waiting for their father, who served in American Civil War as a pastor.
Jo made a story to tell the sisters, and dreamed of becoming a novelist. Jo, who attended the first ball with Meg, meets Laurie, who is the grandson of the next-door neighbor, Mr. Laurence.
Eventually, Laurie became the "5th sister" of the sisters, the bond with the sisters deepened, though.


September 3 (Tuesday)~ September 25 (Wednesday)


Jo: Manato Asaka / Meg: Lamami Ayao / Beth: Sayuri Inoue (Nogizaka46) / Amy: Miki Shimomura (Fairries) / Laurie: Shota Hayashi (Johnnys Jr.) / Professor Bhaer: Hironobu Miyahara (LE VELVETS) / John Brooke: Takuji Kawakubo / Aunt March / Mrs. Kirk: Akiko Kuno / Laurence: Kunio Murai / Mother: Tatsuki Koju


Original: Louisa May Alcott / Script: Allan Knee / Music: Jason Howland / Lyrics: Mindi Dickstein / Translation: Yuna Koyama / Directions and translation: Kaori Kobayashi


All seats reserved: 11,500 yen (Tax included)



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