Music play 'Limelight'

This is the stage play of the masterpiece movie of the famous actor and the stage director, Charles Chaplin.
Music play 'Limelight' stages again with new casts!

An old entertainer who once had predominated rescue from suicide of a young ballerina who was pessimistic about life, and put her on stage again. However, as he would replace her who makes her rise to stardom, the old entertainer were leaving the stage of life.

The movie 'Limelight' is depicted the tragic life of the stage performer and the cruel and beautiful story of love. Kanji Ishimaru, who described this immortal masterpiece as ""My Best One" movie of Caplin", challenges the old comedian Carvelo again. In the role of heroine ballerina Terry who dedicated Calvero will be played by Riion Misaki, and Neville who is a composer and loves Terry, will be by Hiroshi Yazaki, and they will blow new wind to the work.

Music play 'Limelight', which evolves even further from the premiere version that ended on a high note and presents you. In commemoration of the 130th anniversary of Chaplin, the show of the excitement starts again on the masterpiece of the Academy Award wining song "Eternally".


Tuesday, April 9 19:00
Wednesday, April 10 14:00/19:00
Friday, April 12 14:00
Saturday, April 13 13:00/18:00
Sunday, April 14 13:00
Monday, April 15 14:00/19:00
Tuesday, April 16 14:00
Wednesday, April 17 14:00/19:00
Friday, April 19 14:00
Sunday, April 21 13:00
Monday, April 22 14:00
Tuesday, April 23 14:00/19:00
Wednesday, April 24 13:00


Kanji Ishimaru / Rinon Misaki / Hiroshi Yazaki / Keigo Yoshino / Junmai Junmai / Chizu Hosaka / Yosuke Sato / Nodoka Maishiro / Violline: Rinko Kishi / Lead: Atsushi Sakagawa / Accordion: Shiro Sato / Piano: Kiyoko Ogino


Original work and music: Charles Chaplin / Script: Hiroyuki Ono / Music and Arrangement: Kiyoko Ogino / Direction: Koichi Ogita


All seats are reserved: 11,000 yen (tax included)



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  • Please note that the performers and the schedule may change. We cannot change the ticket to the other day or refund even if the performer changes.
    We kindly ask you to refrain from entering preschool children.
    We would like to refuse the delivery of stand flowers for safety management.
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