Musical "Man Of La Mancha"

Dreams are the minds of those who try to fulfill their dreams - Hakuo Matsumoto

'Man of La Mancha' is a musical based on Spanish national novel "Don Quixote" which has been read worldwide after the Bible, and was premiered Broadway in 1965. In the next year's Tony Awards, he won a total of five categories including the musical work award.

In this 'Man of La Mancha', Junko Sena, who plays the role of Aldonza, who Don Quixote played by Hakuo loves, after retiring from Takarazuka Revue in 2009, appeared in a number of large musical musicals, and in 2012, won "The 37th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Prize" "The 3rd Tokiko Iwatani Encouragement Prize", challenges this stage.

With a new cast, Hakuo Matsumoto's 2019 "Man of La Mancha" will finally start!

Cervantes is about to be imprisoned in the prison of Spain, at Seville the end of the 16th century, for insulting the church.
Prisoners who are new to the new arrivals have a riot in prison, and the jail-inners who listen to them are asked to do so.
Cervantes, who wants to keep this place, will come up with to account for as an improvised play. It is a play that distributed all prisoners.
-- The rural old Alonso Quixano comes up with an outrageous plan that can be said to be a madness by reading books too much.
Becoming a wandering knight who disappeared centuries ago, he jumps out into the world to destroy evil... the man is Don Quixote.
Quixote meets a woman named Aldonza at an inn where he stands on a journey with his servant Sancho. Although it is an absent-minded woman, it can be seen as "Longing beauteous Princess Dulcinea" for Quixote. Quixote, which makes a determination to dedicate oneself for the princess of longing.
Aldonza's feelings sway in his mysterious words. However, the rab-chasing men hits her.
Quixote, which is still worshiped as "Longing beauteous" after seeing the Aldonza being worn out body and soul.


4(Fri) October, 2019 - 27(Sun) October, 2019


Cervantes / Don QuiXote: Hakuo Matsumoto / Aldonza:Jun Sena / Sancho: Hajime Komada / Antonia: Rinko Matsubara/Father: Takashi Ishinabe / House Girl: Koko Arai / Barbar: Susumu Sobue / Pedro: Masao Otsuka / Maria: Mikiko Shiraki / Carrasco:Hiroshi Miyagawa / Head of prisoner: Tsunehiko Kamijo / Leader: Ryoichi Suzuki / Guitarist : ICCOU / Moorish girl: Keiko Sanada / Fermina: Rie Kitagawa / Ryo Mino / Masahiro Yamamoto / Zentaro Ogawa / Naoteru Yamamoto / Aiichiro Miyagawa / Yasutaka Terui / Hiroyuki Ichikawa / Makoto Sasaki/ Yoshihiro Saito / Junichi Shitamichi / Junya Narahara / Tomoyuki Miyakawa / Keigo Kitamura/ Kazunori Iida / Yusuke Horibe / Shingo Saito / Yujiro Takagi / Renya Shimada / Shifumi Otsuka / Mina Takada


Script: Dale Wasserman / Lyrics: Joe Darion / Music: Mitch Leigh / Translation: Iwao Mori, Yoko Takada Translation: Shun Fukui / Choreography and production: Eddie Roll (First Performance in Japan) / Directions: Hakuo Matsumoto / Performance Supervisor: Norio Miyazaki / Producers: Yasuhiko Saito, Junichi Tsukada


S seat:13,500 yen
A seat:9,000 yen
B seat:4,500 yen
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