"IKIRU" A Musical [Tokyo Performance]

09 Oct 2020 - 28 Oct 2020



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Kanji Watanabe (Masachika ICHIMURA/Joji KAGA) is a manager of the citizen section at a public office. After the early death of his wife, he singlehandedly raised his son Mitsuo (Yoshihiro Murai) alone and now lives with him and his wife (Mitsuo's wife Kazue, played by [May'n / Fuuka Yuzuki]). His daily routine involves repeating the same thing every day, just simply handling work at the office led by a so-called "government official" (played by Atsushi Yamanishi).
One day, Watanabe finds that he is diagnosed with stomach cancer and only has a limited time. It is at this point that when he looks back, he finds that he had done nothing meaningful with his life.
Shocked at this realization, he withdraws an enormous amount of money to spend at a night out in town. But being a diligent worker for 30 years, Watanabe does not even know how to spend the money. However, he has a chance encounter with a struggling novelist (Shinya Niiro / Ryosei Konishi) at a small bar. Taking an interest in Watanabe's situation, the novelist declares that "I will teach you the pleasures of life," and the two begin bar hopping from place to place. But still, Watanabe felt empty and his soul was left muddied and gray...
It is here that Watanabe is visited by a young female clerk named Toyo Odagiri (played by May'n/ Fuuka Yuzuki) at the public office. As he interacts with this jovial and cheerful young lady, Watanabe slowly begins to discover the things that he had never found in his life. He begins asking himself "is there anything I can do?" Slowly but surely, Watanabe begins taking steps towards the next chapter in his life...


Friday, October 9th, 2020 - Wednesday, October 28th, 2020
*The cast will vary depending on the date and time.
Please make sure to check the cast schedule before purchase.


Kanji Watanabe (double cast): Masachika Ichimura, Takeshi Kaga / Mitsuo Watanabe: Ryota Murai / Novelist (double cast): Shinya Niiro, Ryosei Konishi / Toyo Odagiri (only in Ichimura Performances) & Kazue Watanabe (only in Kaga performances): May'n / Toyo Odagiri (only in Kaga performances) & Kazue Watanabe (only in Ichimura performances): Fuuka Yuzuki / Assistant Official: Atsushi Yamanashi / Tatsuya Kawaguchi / Chikau Sato / Chihoko Shigeta / Atsushi Haruta / Akira Hayashi / Tsuyoshi Matsubara / Seita Ueno / Masaki Kamada / Kento Sunazuka / Hirokazu Takagi / Kohei Fukuyama / Megumi Iino / Abeko / Miyu Ayahashi / Kae Igarashi / Asami Ishii / Atsuko Kawai / Ayaka Nakanishi / Mari Takeuchi / Katsunori Takahashi / Takayuki Ichikawa


Director: Amon Miyamoto / Composition and Arrangement: Jason Howland / Script and Lyrics: Chikae Takahashi


S Seating: ¥13,500
A Seating: ¥9,000
B seating: ¥4,500
(Reserved seating only, prices incl. tax)



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1-1-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006


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