Dramatic Musical Collection 2020

Hold your hands together as we feel each and every musical note and melodies that are filled with dreams.

Back after 2 years is the "Dramatic Musical Collection" that had been held every year from 2018 to 2014.
A "Musical Show" beyond that of a concert, a gathering literal musical gems from around the world in a bouquet of dreams. Sung together by all of the cast, famous scenes from various musicals will vividly come back.

In addition, this time there are 3 extravagantly tailored versions.
The "D" azzling Edition contains many masterpieces from not only grand musicals but numbers from off-Broadway and other popular works from recent years.
The "M" agical Edition is a stage full of pop and colors.
Finally, the "C" ourage Edition is dedicated and full of homage to the works that were unfortunately not performed during this season.

We believe in the power of entertainment and will deliver under the production of D☆D.

The cast features members from DIAMOND☆DOGS, led by Yoshihisa Higashiyama. In addition, the cast is rounded out with "DMC" regulars Yohei Izumi, Kohei Norizuki, and Hanayo Kimura (our one and only queen!), as well as Masashi Oyama, a familiar face to D☆D members, and first-time participant Airi Tsunekawa.

Also, you can enjoy the show not only in theaters but online as well. Please enjoy the excitement of the theater at home.

Assembled together with 12 members, please look forward to the dancing and charms of "DMC"!


Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 - Thursday, September 24th, 2020

*The contents of the performance will vary per show. (A portion of the music will vary for each version.)
Please make sure to check the performance schedule before purchasing.


Yohei Izumi / Yoshihisa Higashiyama / Masashi Oyama / Kohei Norizuki / Airi Tsunekawa / Hanayo Kimura / DIAMOND☆DOGS: Kohei Nakatsuka, Taisuke Wada, Rui Sakiyama, Shinpei Hirose, Rio Shinkai, Homer


Composition and Music Director: Makoto Miyazaki / Direction and Choreography: D☆D


Reserved seating only: ¥9,500
DMC Set Ticket (w/ performance pamphlet): \28,500
Online Viewing Ticket: ¥3,500
(all prices incl. tax)



About purchasing tickets in Japan

Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater
8-8-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8132


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