Film Classroom 2019: Japanese female directors - Women who pioneered their way

The appearance of female directors in Japan was in 1936, which was later than in Europe and America. In the 1940s, women began to direct films in such fields as documentary films, and after that, female directors began to produce films, animation films, self-produced films, and pink films. This project introduces the works five times of the women who pioneered as Japanese film directors among the works in the museum collection. At each session, it is explained by a researcher. We look forward to the participation of those who want to learn the basics of movies.


Date: On 9th and 23rd (Wednesday) October / on 6th and 20th (Wednesday) November / on 4th Wednesday December
Open: At 19:00 [At 19:00: Tickets issued and the doors opened] presented 5 times in total, every other Wednesday, with about 15 minutes commentary by researcher

Venue: Small hall/ Capacity: For 151 people
★You cannot enter after each show starts.


Admission: Adult: ¥520/High school and university students and seniors: ¥310/Elementary and junior high school students: ¥100/Disabled (Up to one attendant in principle), National Movie Archive Campus Members are free of charge


◆Advance tickets: Tickets for all screenings (All non-reserved seats: 70 seats each) will be sold at Ticket Pia from 10: 00 am on Wednesday 18th in September.
[P-Code: 550 -387]

Advance ticket fee: Adult ¥520 / High school, university students and seniors ¥310 / Elementary school students ¥100
・There is an additional ticketing fee.
・You cannot enter after each show has started.
・Students and seniors (over 65-year-old) are requested to present your identification card.

◆Tickets sold on the day of the performance (Ticketing = At 1st basement reception)
Admission: Adult: ¥520/High school, university students, senior: ¥310/Elementary and junior high school students: ¥100/Disabled (Up to one attendant in principle), National Movie Archive Campus members are free of charge

About purchasing tickets in Japan

National Film Archive of Japan

◆"Film Classroom" stamp card [You need a separate admission ticket each time.]
When you enter the 1st screening (October 9), you will receive a stamp card of "Film Classroom 2019: The Japanese female directors - Women who pioneered the way" and we will stamp on each screening day. If you watch the movies 5 times in total, you can get one voucher for admission to a screening of this museum in 2019.

3-7-6 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031

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