Good fortune and happiness will come to home of those who smile and laugh ~ a female entertainer, Sei Yoshimoto ~ smiling and laughing is power to live!

Naomi Fujiyama will fascinate you with the turbulent life of Sei Yoshimoto, the founder of the comedy kingdom "Yoshimoto"!

The Japanese dream has been played on a number of stages and movies!
Harudanji Katsura, Entatsu/Atchako and Shizuko Kasagi..
There are artists' way of life built one era and also a brilliant performance history transition.
It is a Naomi Fujiyama's true worth performance depicted on an existing woman's strength who succeeded in the entertainment world with tears and laughter! Please enjoy a biography of a woman full of humanity!

The daughter of a rice merchant married "Hashikichi", whose hardware-wholesale stire lasted three generations in Senba, Osaka. In place of her husband crazy about entertainment and performances, she has been managing the store while taking care of their new born baby. However, her husband gathers performers and starts to mimic the performers, and that led the business began to fail all at once. Based on the last aid from her uncle, she decided her husband to do business he likes, and she becomes a promoter.
Three yeas have passed, and although they became a board host, they were told that they were third-class promoter by first-class entertainers, and treated coldly from the world too. Nevertheless, they encourage each other and were living positively, saying, "Let's make people in whole Osaka laugh and surely become the best promoters in Japan!".
When the number of performances increased to 10, they thought it necessary to persuade the top story-teller, Harudanji Katsura, in Osaka in order to be a member of the top class entertainment, and tried direct negotiations with Sei's brother, Masanosuke Hayashi, summoning from his working place.
Even after that, the couple overcame various hardships together. After her husband's sudden death, Sei took over his dying wish and establish the kingdom of laughter, "Yoshimoto."


3 July, 2019 - 27 July, 2019


Naomi Fujiyama / Rokuro Kitamura / Yoichi Hayashi / Ryo Tamura / Saburo Ishikura / Mineko Nishikawa / Yuki Matsumura / Takako Otsu / Tadashi Nishikawa / Chiaki Azuma / Sayaka Tsuruta / Shuzo Otake


Original works (published by Chuo Koronsha): Seiichi Yano / Doramatization from "Sakura diary": Kinji Obata / Script: Nagisa Sasaki / Directed by: Tetsuya Asaka.


First class-seat: 13,000 yen
Second class-seat: 9,000 yen
A seat on the 3rd floor: 5,000 yen
B seat on the 3rd floor: 3,000 yen
Box seat: 14,000 yen
(All seats reserved, tax included)



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Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre
6-18-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

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