August Shinpa performance
Kyoto, Miyako Oji's mystery comparison of flowers

■ Highlight
The masterpiece novel by Misa Yamamura who is brilliant in the mystery-novel-world
"Kyoto Nishioji street murder event" is performed for the first time in Shinbashi Embujo!!
Mysterious death, tricks in a secret room,
The overwhelming ending - this summer, the best mystery!!

Novels of Misa Yamamura (1034 ~ 1996) or so-called Japanese Agatha Christie, who was the queen of the mystery world novels as well as the queen of tricks have been filmed and still attract many people.
In Shochiku, Misa Yamamura's novel "Kyoto Nishioji Street Murder Case" was performed in September 2006 in Minami-za as ”Kyoto Miyakoji mystery comparison of flowers”, for her 10th commemoration after the death of Misa Yamamura. Then, in October 2010, the second round, "Love-sparkle in Kyoto Hana Toro" was announced. In addition, in October 2015, "Kyoto Miyakoji shrine's love-maze", renewed the first round, was performed in Minami-za. This time, it will appear in Shinbashi Embujo for the first time.
Masafumi Saito handle its script and direction. In recnt years, Edogawa Ranpo's "Black lizard" and Seishi Yokomizo's "The Inugami's clan" was dramatized, and their sage results were highly evaluated. This time, as a "new school edition", a new theatrical school performing human-mind subtleties delicately as well as boldly, will stage newly.
The performers are Kuriko Namino, Rokuro Kitamura, Baijaku Nakamura who actively performs in various fields such as at new school theatrical company of Yukinojo Kawai, TV, movies and stages, Momiji Yamamura who is daughter of Misa Yamamura and performs at all these series, in addition to those persons, Jun Hasegawa who will be the first performance for a new school.
The work is set in Kyoto where the author, Misa Yamamura, related. We will introduce you a dynamic and highly completed work unique to a large theater with the original human relationships and tricks remain the same. The best mystery for this summer. Please look forward to it.


3 August,2019 - 17 August, 2019


Mihoko (saloon keeper): Kuriko Namino/ Utano (female puppeteer ): Yukinojyo Kawai / Sawaki (Japanese-picture painter): Rokuro Kitamura / Jiro Yamada: Jun Hasegawa / Koharu (Gion Geisha): Momiji Yamamura / chief inspector, Kaniya: Baijaku Nakamura


Original work "Kyoto Nishioji street murder event": Misa Yamamura / dramatization and direction: Masafumi Saito


1st class seat: 12,000 yen
Second class seat: 8,500 yen
A seat on the 3rd floor: 4,500 yen
B seat on the 3rd floor: 3,000 yen
Box seat: 13,000 yen
(All seats reserved, tax included)



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Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre
6-18-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

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