"Gallery Tamenaga" is celebrating its 50 year anniversary since its establishment in 1969. This time we will hold an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of Paul Aïzpiri's birth, which has been introduced for half a century since the establishment.

In 1957 when founder Kiyoshi Tamenaga went to Paris for the first time, he met Aïzpiri at Galerie Paul Pétridés that had been a gallery contracted with Utrillo and Tsuguharu Foujita. the painting method that the painter draws flowers by setting a motif of flowers in the middle of the painting, and uses red and black, which contains the lyricism that can be said to be Oriental resonates with us. Later, Tamenaga deepened his relationship with the Aïzpiri, and made a contract with him since he opened his own gallery in 1969, then he continued to introduce this artist to Japan and the world.

While continuing to follow in tandem with him, Aïzpiri's style of painting underwent various transformations with time. In 80s, he established a painting style filled with dense colors and simple and powerful forms, and he achieved a single maturity, but the painter and art dealer continued to explore new world. The color of the painting is as bright as it is, and the screen adds brightness and lightness, creating a later style of free playfulness that is free from anything.

In this exhibition, we will exhibit about 40 pieces together and introduce the half-century trajectory between the painter and the art dealer who continued to explore further conditions. We look forward to seeing you.


February 14 - March 31
Galerie Taménaga Tokyo
10:00-19 : 00 Mon-Sat
11:00 -17:00 Sunday and Holiday

Reception: February 14 17:00-19:30

Galerie tamenaga Tokyo
7-5-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

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